Compare by content: wrap long lines

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Re: Compare by content: wrap long lines

Post by *marlar »

I second this suggestion. Word wrapping doesn't mean that the comparison is not line based. It's just a matter of how the line is displayed.

Anyway, I strongly recommend Meld for this. It has a nice word wrapping feature as well as regex filters. For example, you can define filters that exclude certain numbers, white space, code comments etc.

It integrates well with TC.

I have setup so that Ctrl-S (for Sammenlign in Danish) invokes TC built-in differ whereas Shift-Ctrl-S invokes Meld on the two files.

Using Linux via Wine BTW and it works great :)

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Re: Compare by content: wrap long lines

Post by *Slavic »

I wholly support this. It would be very useful, especially for comparing the HTML files where paragraphs are long and don't have new lines inside. Currently we can see only the begin of each line, and the difference may be far beyond the window.
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