Dynamic update Directory tree without complete re-scan

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Dynamic update Directory tree without complete re-scan

Post by *ethidium »

Sometimes treeinfo file does not have the most up-to-date information about the current tree structure - for example if the directory was created/deleted outside of TC (although sometimes I have it even for dirs created in TC - no idea why). When user calls Directory tree from such directory, it will show the closest parent existing in treeinfo file. It would be very useful to add an option of automatic update (when TC "sees" that current directory does not exist in treeinfo) of just this given branch, instead of complete re-scan that takes very long time.

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Re: Dynamic update Directory tree without complete re-scan

Post by *Phred »

+1^œ (...the closest I could get to the infinity symbol)(0156).

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

TC's blindness to the absence of the current directory in the Directory Tree (Alt F10) dialogue box has stunned me for ages.
'If I'm not there in the current tree, add me!'

And put the scan in a background process - since it 'takes a very long time'.

I note that if you add another directory/folder in the discriminated directory, TC will add both. Then delete the new. HTH
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