Synchronous tab changing between panels

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Synchronous tab changing between panels

Post by *wanderer »

When having multiple tabs in both panels, sometimes the "left" tabs and the "right" tabs may be the same folders in different drives.

For such cases, it would be nice to have a functionality (i.e. ALT + click on a tab) to synchronize tab changing between both panels.


LEFT PANEL (tab1=C:\ , tab2 = C:\Windows)
RIGHT PANEL (tab1=D:\ , tab2 = D:\Windows)

What i propose is this: ALT+clicking on LEFT PANEL-tab2 would also activate RIGHT PANEL-tab2, as if it was clicked too. If the same number of tabs exist between panels, the respective tab in the other panel will be activated. If not, no change will be done in the other panel.

The reason i'm proposing ALT for this is because SHIFT is pretty near to CTRL, which is used for closing a tab.
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Re: Synchronous tab changing between panels

Post by *petermad »

Hmm, I would still prefer Shift+click - then it is more like Shift+Ctrl+U = swap panel including tabs (compared to Ctrl+U = swap panels).
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