6 button instead of 4 in directory synchronization

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6 button instead of 4 in directory synchronization

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Directory Synchronization is a great tool. In the Show section, you have the option to filter the comparison result list. There are 4 buttons: > =# < and then 2 buttons for 'duplicates' and 'singles'. There is an issue here:

How can you display: files that are only on right side (single right) + files that are on both side but different and the left side is updated? If is not possible to do this in one go.

I suggest the 4 buttons change to 6 buttons so instead of > =# < we will have:
-> <-
> =# <

the first row with 2 button filters singles (right and left). The second row with 4 button show differents.

we will not need 'duplicates' and 'singles' button any more.

This gives us the strength to do any kind of mix and match.

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