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Mixing icons and commands from multiple internal associations

Posted: 2020-01-01, 10:27 UTC
by MVV
Please allow specfiying icons, actions and commands in different internal association presets.

Most suitable use-case: I want to define a single player/viewer for multiple multimedia files and separate icons for different multimedia file types. E.g. KMPlayer has nice different icons for different file types (in KIconLib.dll), so I can perfectly distinguish types by their icons, many image viewers have different icons too, e.g. Imagine plugin. Currently I can create a preset for multiple file types with default action and I have to specify an icon in it, I can use system icons using ** (BTW this is not mentioned in help) but I can't skip icon assignment and tell TC to look for icon in another presets.

Another use-case that is possible since TC 9.50: a special preset that only adds extra commands. E.g. I create a preset for * with command **7z to be able to open ANY file using 7Z plugin, or any other plugin that don't support CanYouHandleThisFile, or I just have multiple plugins for same file and want to select one of them (there are plugins for converting formats or for extracting NTFS streams or for many other needs that currently not usable because we can't easilly switch between them on Ctrl+PgDn). Of course such preset can't contain an icon that is suitable for all file types, so there must be a way to bypass icon definition.

Currently TC 9.50 offers a partial merge feature for internal associations: it is able to load all commands from matching associations for a file/folder. And there is a way to extend one of the most powerful additions of TC 9.50.

What should TC do: find all presets that match given file type, load all extra commands from all of them and use first action and first icon from these patterns. Perhaps some kind of marker is needed for skipping icon or action definition, e.g. TC should allow empty action/icon fields (currently if I clear icon field, TC fills it for me with path to app).

How to test it: create a preset for e.g. *.avi *.mkv *.mp4 and set action to open in e.g. VLC. Then create separate presets for *.avi, *.mkv and *.mp4 and set just icons in these presets. Now the question is how to arrange these 4 presets and how to fill icon for multi-preset and actions for single-type presets to have TC opening these files in VLC and display specified icons.

First preset is *.mkv w/o action: TC ignores it.
First preset is *.mkv with action: TC uses this action.
First preset is *.avi *.mkv *.mp4 with ** as icon path (or invalid icon path): TC shows system icons for these types and ignores single-type presets.
First preset is *.avi *.mkv *.mp4 with specific icon path: all types have single icon (not useful because there are many different video and image types and it would be nice to distinguish them).

Re: Mixing icons and commands from multiple internal associations

Posted: 2020-01-22, 11:33 UTC
by MVV
So no one else wanted to define actions for multiple types and different icons per exact file type?

Re: Mixing icons and commands from multiple internal associations

Posted: 2020-02-14, 13:33 UTC
by kesdoputr
Support ++

It's will be good.

I can set seperate icon for serveral picture extension, and give them just one open command.
Now i should use separate for every extension.