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Quick search for predefined selection dialog

Posted: 2020-01-12, 05:44 UTC
by dindog
Predefined searching is one of the most powerful feature TC provide, it can filter, select, color files by different properties including so many plugin search filed.
But personally I find the predefined search group selecting dialog is not quite user-friendly if you collect dozen of predefined group by time:
1. it has no icon support... no easy visual tips
2. it has no shortcut/hotkey to move the cursor to the predefined selections list, TAB works, but no visual cursor highlight tell you.

The predefined selections name is pure text, would you please consider adding quicksearch filter for it?

Personally, I name some of the predefined selection adding a prefix in front of the name in order to find it easier, like
I photo
H hidden/system
E executable file
It's nothing like quick search though.