Copy from ZIP File to FileSystem opens PackerSettings

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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Copy from ZIP File to FileSystem opens PackerSettings

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If you want to copy a file from a ZIP Archive to the FileSystem by pressing F5, there will always open the Packer Setttings Window. Move from ZIP to FileSystem dont works.

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Not confirmed
There comes the normal copy dialog for f5.
I guess you have some strange Packer settings in your config
or you don't have write access for your config files.

Move is not supported from an archive
so there comes of course the message "Function not supported!"
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The packer settings dialog is shown the first time you use any packer functions. However, TC will then set a flag in wincmd.ini to not show the warning again. Your wincmd.ini location is probably set to a directory where you don't have write rights, e.g. the Windows directory, or under "Program files".

I recommend that you reinstall Total Commander WITHOUT uninstalling it first. Then choose "Normal install". One of the installation steps allows to change the location of the wincmd.ini. Set it to "Documents and settings" or "Aplication data".
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