Missing information about <Rename>Tabs Setting in Help

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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Missing information about <Rename>Tabs Setting in Help

Post by *misvin »

I suggest to add information about RenameTabs, SyncTabs and other *Tabs parameters to the Help file.

Please see the page "Settings in the file wincmd.ini - Part 2" => Section "[1024x768 (10x20)]".

Today there is a description of another setting:
Tabstops=104,109,158,58,374,93 _______ Tab positions

BTW, maybe for consistency, *Tabs (ex. RenameTabs) should be changed to *Tabstops (ex. RenameTabstops) OR Tabstops to Tabs?

Missing wincmd.ini keys descriptions in help:
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

They are included in these descriptions:
Rename*= Rename dialog
Sync*= Synchronize dirs
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