Lister gets in loop: Crash or errormessage

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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Lister gets in loop: Crash or errormessage

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I've discovered a reproducible issue with Lister on HiDPI multimonitor computers (or at least on mine).

My setup:
Total Commander 9.12
Windows 10 V1703

Monitor 1: A 4K HiDPI Monitor (main monitor) (Scale: 150%)
Monitor 2: A normal Full HD Monitor (Scale 100%)

If I try to move a Lister of a somewhat larger window size from the HiDPI Monitor to the Full HD Monitor, it seems to get in a loop, flickering, changing the size back and forth, and then after about 10 seconds the program either crashes (however not since I've started procdump), or displays the following error message:

A screenshot of my desktop with the Lister:

A probably related issue:
If I'm moving the lister from one monitor to the other and back, the lister size will always smaller and smaller, ending up in a little square.


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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Try moving the window a bit faster. Under some unfortunate conditions, moving a window from one screen to another could resize the window in a way that it jumps back to the previous screen.
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