TC9.12. "\\vboxsvr" path cannot be opened via dire

The behaviour described in the bug report is either by design, or would be far too complex/time-consuming to be changed

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TC9.12. "\\vboxsvr" path cannot be opened via dire

Post by *Zapped »

I have a VirtualBox (VBox) virtual machine with TotalCommander installed.
I often use "cd \\vboxsvr" command to open host's shared folders. To minimize typing I've added this path to directory menu. But the path is not opened via the latter (although, e.g., "\\tsclient" path is opened).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install TotalCommander on a VBox virtual machine.
2. Share folders on the VBox host
3. Be sure that \\vboxsvr share is accessible: execute "cd \\vboxsvr" on a TC's command line.
4. Add this path to directory menu: press "Ctrl+D", choose "Add curent dir", name it "\\vboxsvr, for example. Go on to finish add.
5. Change the current path to an any local path.
6. Try to change path to "\\vboxsvr" via directory menu: press "Ctrl+D", choose menu item named on step 4.
7. See "Connecting..." progress dialog. And nothing happens. Directory is not changed to "\\vboxsvr".

Expected behaviour: Directory is changed to "\\vboxsvr" on step 7 (as on step 3)

P.S. The issue is observed on TotalCommander v9.10 and v9.12.
OS is Windows 7 32-bit

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Post by *umbra »

You can find a bit more info here:
Unfortunately, judging by your post, nothing has changed since then.
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Post by *vdijken »

Maybe you can make an entry in the button bar. The associated command is "cd \\vboxsrv". Find or make a sensible icon for the item. I use it to go to my software development environment.

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