Wrong paths for pluginbasedir etc

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Wrong paths for pluginbasedir etc

Post by *Lope »

I run total commander inside an encrypted volume using the command line option to specify that wincmd.ini must be used in the same folder, and the ftp config file must also be used in the same folder.

If I remember correctly a simple "wincmd.ini" was not good enough and I needed a full path, making it challenging to make TC portable, but its okay, I wrote a simple program to run it with the local path.

The plugin base dir is still wrong, and a relative "plugins\" can't be used there either.
The same goes for the 7zip plugin. 7z=plugins\7zip\7zip.wcx does not work there either.
Wouldn't it be simpler if it checked in (appdir)\plugins? without a static path for plugins read from the INI file? or at least checking there instead of not working?

So I had to adapt my program to edit the ini file and correct it before running.

Using TC any other way would be a massive security risk.

Then I've got another version of TC outside of the encrypted volume, just in program files for quick file management stuff while the volume is not mounted.
On this one its a security risk that it saves so much history.
left,right,SearchName,SearchIn,MkDirHistory,Command line history,SearchText,RenameTemplates,RenameSearchFind,RenameSearchReplace,RightHistory,LeftHistory
There should be an option to leave no history.
So I had to modify my program again to delete all that history from the ini file each time it is run.

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Post by *HolgerK »

to make TC portable
Environment variable %COMMANDER_PATH%\7z=plugins\7zip\7zip.wcx
and UseIniInProgramDir=7 in wincmd.ini placed inside the portable installation dir should do the trick.


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Post by *MVV »

History may be disabled partly in options, also you can redirect theese sections to some temporary INI file in temp dir.

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