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LAN Plugin (3.08) : How to configure connections without root ?

Posted: 2019-04-06, 13:12 UTC
by orry
FAQ says use a long tap (to disable smb2). long tap shows the popup menu that contains Properties. but Properties only makes that popup menu disappeared.
the connections i've created using earlier versions work well.
but when i try to create the new LAN connection the only i am asked is the name.
immediately after that it tries to establish connection using this name as smb address (and any slashes replaced with underscores). i can't add ip, user/password, share name - it doesn't show this dialog.
i checked it on my two devices : android 7.0 / miui and android 6.0.1 / miui
all requested permissions allowed.
but it still works well on my other device under root : after the connection name entered it opens connection settings dialog.

so the problem is that my phones without root don't show this dialog neither creating connection nor tapping for properties.

p.s. tap on the Settings list item of the connections list also does nothing without root and works well under root

Re: LAN Plugin (3.08) : How to configure connections without root ?

Posted: 2019-04-08, 16:46 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
It could be because of MIUI sleep settings. Try exluding totalcmd-lan from power saving options in Android settings.

TC should open a properties dialog of the connection both when you create a new connection and when you choose "properties" on a connection. But the LAN app is in the background, so MIUI is probably preventing it from opening its dialog.

Re: LAN Plugin (3.08) : How to configure connections without root ?

Posted: 2019-04-08, 18:33 UTC
by orry
sorry, it seems to be the undefined "start in background" permission bug (probably specific for miui)
this permission was marked as allowed at the plugin application settings panel but seems to be not reported as allowed for application really.
i just reinstalled this plugin (to the same version), turned on "start in background" manually and now it works. power saving options still is "battery saver" and it didn't prevent any normal operations.
later i've checked another plugins (like totalcmd-drive) and they had the same problem that was eliminated with the trivial uninstall/install cycle + allowing the "start on background" permission (it's off by default). before reinstall it was allowed too but it doesn't work.