Flyme 6 improves compatibility with TC4A

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Flyme 6 improves compatibility with TC4A

Post by *DrShark » 2019-04-07, 14:23 UTC

On Meizu M2 phone (with Android 5.1,) for which I have more or less permanent access now, I made an update from firmware 4.5.3I to (build from 09.08.2017; Android is still 5.1), which improves compatibility with TC:
Flyme Changelog wrote:Fixed a bug causing an overly large “share” icon to be displayed when tapping and holding a text file in Total Commander.
Although that Flyme release fixes this and many other problems, I'd like to make an offtopic warning about possible problems with it: for me after the update SIM card menu (one with menu items from carrier) disappeared. Also, just right after update to I made next update to Flyme, and after a start with updated OS (it was OK), normal reboot didn't work properly: after phone turned off it didn't restart, and didn't start manually by press to Home or Power/Lock button. To start it, I had to use a simultaneous hold of Power/Lock+Home buttons.
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