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WiFi Access

Posted: 2019-05-04, 19:05 UTC
by Spartacus
I would like to start a SlideShow on my android-Tab when it is connected to the ChargingDock. The Slideshow starts automatically and pictures from "Galary" or Cloud Service can be used. The idea behind is, that I can change the photos in this specific folder remotely.

I do not want to use a Cloud Service; A NAS-Folder would be a perfect solution, but I cannot map a NetworkDrive to the "Galary"

Therefore I created a new Album under Galary and shared the folder with WiFi-Plugin. I copied my Photos from the PC (TC with WebDAV-Plugin) to the Shared Android Folder, but the "Galary"-App does not recognize new photos. But the photos are there.

Does anyone has an idea, how this works, or how I can make this possible?

Re: WiFi Access

Posted: 2019-05-06, 07:51 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
Try re-scanning the folder:
In Total Commander, create a button in the lower toolbar: tap on the rightmost button, then on "+".
- set "function type" to internal command
- tap on >>
- choose command Nr. 130

Press that button in the folder you added.

Re: WiFi Access

Posted: 2019-05-06, 13:01 UTC
by Spartacus
Hi Christian,
thnaks for support, Seems to be working! Do you have an idea, how this can be done automatically?
The idea is, that server on android device runs all the time and pictures for SlideShow can be managed by remote TC on a PC.

If I understand correctly, I need a schedular programm which sends the command 130 e.g. every min. on the specifuc folder!


Re: WiFi Access

Posted: 2019-05-06, 19:20 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
The WiFi plugin should do this already on uploads - I will check why it isn't happening.

Re: WiFi Access

Posted: 2019-05-07, 13:30 UTC
by Spartacus
Hi ghisler,
thanks, please come back to me, if you have checked.