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more icon problems tc 3.0b10

Posted: 2019-10-03, 22:53 UTC
by cowboy
I haven't found how to consistently reproduce, but am seeing program icon problems with tc 3.0b10.
Upon entering a directory with program icons, the icons are either drawn very slowly, or are not displayed until exit/going to another
directory, then returning to the original.

It happened with a directory on my external sd card, installed apps plugin, drive plugin, drip plugin, and onedrive plugin.

Verizon Ellipsis 10 tablet
Verizon Android 5.1

Moto Z2 Play phone
Verizon Android 8.0

Re: more icon problems tc 3.0b10

Posted: 2019-10-04, 02:26 UTC
by sweetbox
I can confirm that.
The issue is that TC don't show app's icon the very first time you enter a directory.
Once you exit that directory with apps, then goback in
or kill TC and open again
or reboot,
the problem is gone.

And for picture's thumbnail,it now generates very slow or not show for the pictures you need to scroll down in that directory, even you check the option "store thumbnails on SD-card".
You need to go in and out that directory several times to get all images' thumbnail to show.

It seems all related to thumbnail generation.
About the app's icon, if there are more apps in the directory that one screen can't be shown, the behavior will be the same as the pictures do.
That is , TC can display thumbnails (app's and image's) only the screen shows ,the rest that scroll down are not.
It needs several go in and out that directory to display all the thumbnails.

I think it maybe relate to that fix (Fixed: Memory leak using file open/save dialog (icon+thumbnail extract thread not stopped)).
Occasionally changed some other code?Because the fix part file open/save dialog do not affect this.

Re: more icon problems tc 3.0b10

Posted: 2019-10-04, 04:46 UTC
by sweetbox
It seems that it conflicts to old thumbnail cache.
Go settings --- Thumbnails --- clear thumbnails cache
That solve the problem!

no,not exactly solve the problem.
occasionally,there will be still several images at bottom of the directory that do not show the thumbnail.

To reproduce the issue,I think you can first install beta 8 and check "store thumbnails on SD-card" , then browser images to get thumbnails cached .After that install beta10 ,then browser picture folders(better more than 30 and large images that needs to scroll to view all) to check out.

Re: more icon problems tc 3.0b10

Posted: 2019-10-04, 06:28 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
Thanks, I was able to reproduce it. It has nothing to do with the cache.

Re: more icon problems tc 3.0b10

Posted: 2019-10-08, 03:04 UTC
by sweetbox
TC3.0b11 fixed this problem.