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Button bar does not show

Posted: 2019-11-25, 11:13 UTC
by reckif
Hi, I am using TC for Android (latest version) on my H96 Max RK3318 and the button bar on top does not show and there is even no hamburger menu on the right side.
Android Version: 9
Build-Number: rk3318-user 9 PQ2A.190205.003 220146 release-keys

Re: Button bar does not show

Posted: 2019-11-25, 11:21 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
Total Commander should have created a new button in the lower toolbar in this case, with 3 points on top of each other. This also opens the menu. If the button is missing, you can create it by hand as follows:
1. Tap on the button on the far right in the lower toolbar
2. If this opens the second lower toolbar, tap "+" in it.
3. Set the function type to "Internal command"
4. Tap >> and select Command Nr. 500, "Main Menu".