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feature request: new or recent files

Posted: 2020-06-26, 08:35 UTC
Hello thx for total commander on android it is truly amazing.
However I found one very useful feature that is present on other file managers ( at least in "file manager +" an "my files") and that is "new files" or "recent files". Basically it is group of files that were recently created - like camera pictures or modified pictures. Some apps - typically picture editors - will make new file and store it to some mumbo jumbo application directory. I always use "file manager +" to easily find such file in "new files" section where it is on the top :) Then I see properties and see file path. And then I navigate to it in Total commander :) But it would be great if total commander would have group "new/recent files" in home just bellow "downloads".

Re: feature request: new or recent files

Posted: 2020-06-30, 13:28 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
Thanks for your suggestion. I'm not aware of any Android function to view new files, so these file manager must be searching all directories when opening the "New files" folder.

Re: feature request: new or recent files

Posted: 2020-06-30, 16:23 UTC
No try to install it. It shows files instantly. It does not do any search. I highly doubt. It must have use some android api. In media picker there is also recent files.
Also I tried to create random file xxx.zzz and it is not there... So it is not thorough... But it worked flawlessly for all downloaded files, documents, images, videos and all I basically ever used as user...

Maybe it is using this:

and this

Maybe it is not for everything, but for most users having virtual recent folder at home with many recent files and by default sorted from newest is quite great way to navigate to files...

Re: feature request: new or recent files

Posted: 2020-06-30, 16:27 UTC
haha it seems selective by file suffix. When I create with total commander file xxx.zzz it is not there but when I create xxx.txt it is there. And instantly... There must be some hook from android file system... Or else my 128 GB flash is searched in 1 second which is impossible...