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Search dialog not searches everywhere

Posted: 2018-05-25, 14:14 UTC
by wolle

when I use the search dialog to search for files e.g. this folder:


is skipped. I guess also other folders where you need admin rights are skipped to.

There should be any notice while searching that some folders have been skipped and then an option to elevate the search thread again for these folders.

Thanks Wolle

Posted: 2018-05-25, 14:18 UTC
by ghisler(Author)
This is intentional. I do not want to interrupt searching with user account control dialogs. "config" needs admin rights to enter.

Posted: 2018-05-25, 14:30 UTC
by wolle
What about a checkbox to search with admin rights?

I need such folders when I search for log files on my system.