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maximize/restore TC

Post by *darren1234 »

I have set one of my mouse buttons to F11. This allows me to toggle full-screen for apps that support this.
I have tried key-mapping the TC F11 key to maximize/restore but it will only do one or the other.
Is there a way to map the F11 key to toggle maximize/restore please?
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

No, not with TC alone. You could suse a scripting tool like AutoHotkey, which would react to the F11 and maximize/restore the active window. This would have the advantage that it would work with other programs too.

The following AutoHotkey script works for me in every window which is in the foreground:

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WinGet, maximized, MinMax, A
  If (maximized != 0)
    WinRestore, A
    WinMaximize, A
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Post by *MVV »

Also one can bind F1 to a TCFS2 command line, e.g.:

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TCFS2.exe /u- fs2
This will switch between normal and full-screen TC window modes and hide some GUI elements (configurable) in full-screen mode.
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