Security problem in unacev2.dll

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Re: Security problem in unacev2.dll

Post by *DRP535 » 2019-03-24, 08:31 UTC

Am I right in saying that built-in ACE archive handling has been disabled completely by default in TC v9.22? If that's true, then is there a way of manually re-enabling it? I ask because I use WinACE to archive specifically large collections of AutoCAD drawings. ACE archiver remains by far the most efficient archiver of these specific file types exceeding the compression ratios of both RAR and 7-zip by some considerable margin in almost every case. This is the only use I have for ACE, but it is a legitimate use for my purposes and I would like to keep this functionality. There is no risk to me because the only archives I handle this way are created by me and therefore known to not contain any malicious code.

If v9.22 kills ACE handling, then is there something I can do to reinstate it?

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Re: Security problem in unacev2.dll

Post by *DrShark » 2019-03-24, 09:09 UTC

TC 9.22 still has internal unpacker for ACE. unacev2.dll, which is the internal unpacker for ACE, in TC 9.22 is patched against vulnerability, so it's not a problem to have "Use internal un-ACE if possible" option enabled.
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