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[suggestion] Update Button

Post by *blacky » 2019-03-30, 07:59 UTC


I want to nudge a updater for Totalcommander

i want suggestion a Update Button like them of different Programs in the net today,
so why not directly a Updatebutton integrate or make it possible for
add a button on the Buttonbar .. a extra update.dll where can make that..
  • close TC
  • download [||||||........],
  • extract out of the normal installer to ./updating
  • replace the files of the actually TC
  • remove/erace the ./updating folder
- in configuration
*which packet.. Total Commander packet, x86, x86_64, both
*remove to..,erase or leave the update-folder and let the file/s in

Is this possible in a update.dll ?
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Re: [suggestion] Update Button

Post by *Henrie » 2019-03-30, 08:57 UTC

There is already a Check for updates button in the Help menu, is it not sufficient?

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