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Incorrect Folder Size

Post by *aaloneft » 2019-04-01, 06:55 UTC

Hi all

Using TC 9.22a. When I press spacebar on a folder, TC shows the folder size. However, I found that if a folder contains a symbolic link, the count is wrong. For example, in my user profile, I created a symbolic link for the Downloads folder which points to a Downloads folder on my second hard disk. This helps not to increase the size of my Windows disk as I download stuff. When I press spacebar on my user profile folder, the size calculated by TC includes the size of the folder on the other disk. Pressing Alt-Enter on my profile folder shows the correct size without sizing what is on the other disk. In this way I feel Windows reports the correct size whereas TC does not.

Let me know your comments please.


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Re: Incorrect Folder Size

Post by *MVV » 2019-04-01, 07:04 UTC

TC does calculate total size with its own rules, which haven't changed since times when no links existed, and it includes size of folder links. It shows size that a copy of the folder will take.

There is a wincmd.ini option that allows to alter this behaviour, but it ignores folder links for copy/move/calc size at once:
TOTALCMD.chm wrote:IgnoreLinks=0 Allows to ignore hard links (junctions, reparse points) to directories in various functions. Note: The function "Synchronize dirs" uses a separate option "SyncIgnoreJunctions".
Sum of:
1: copy/move/calculate occupied space
2: internal packers (zip, tar)
4: branch view
8: find files (except when using Everything), re-scan tree
16: ignore links even when they are selected in the current directory. Otherwise only links in selected subdirectories are ignored.

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