[Feature Suggestion] 'Synchronize Dirs...' with Skip button

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[Feature Suggestion] 'Synchronize Dirs...' with Skip button

Post by *jb »

While synchronizing two directories TC shows a message box saying for instance
Left -> Right
"From: F:\...\Huge.tif"
"To: G:\...\Huge.tif"
with two progress bars and a Cancel button.

I suggest to add the following to this message box:
  1. Skip button
  2. Pause/Resume button
  3. Size of the current file
The Skip button would be useful when you recognize a huge file that needs not to be synchronized. Now and then I see a useless large file (>20MB) when I'm synchronizing two partitions with more than 10'000 directories, but I must wait because pressing Cancel and restarting the synchronization would take even more time.

The Pause/Resume button would allow to interrupt a long synchronization process and temporarily regain the full power and responsiveness of the system to do an urgent task.

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