Is Total Commander Pocket compatible with Intel ARM?

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Is Total Commander Pocket compatible with Intel ARM?

Post by *hellboy »

I have tried to install Total Commander/CE (cecmd.arm.CAB ) on Windows CE 6.0 device with Intel ARM 920T-PXA270:

But I got error message:
The application can not be run on this device type.
Please install the application specific to this device type.
Is there build of T/CE compatible with this CPU?
Is there alternatives of T/CE, that can run on CPU this type?
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

To my knowledge it is compatible, but the processor uses a different processor ID, so it refuses to install the CAB. Try unpacking the cab on a Windows or Linux machine (e.g. with Total Commander) and rename the larges file to cecmd.exe. Then transfer this to the device. The file with LAN in the name must be renamed to LAN.tfx, the one with FTP to FTP.tfx, and the one with registry to Registry.tfx. The 34k file is cecmd.htm, the help file.
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