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Thanks for taking a look!
Assuming that you can accomplish some kind of hook, how would AppLoader know to start the "comparator hook" vs. the "viewer hook" in practice? I press F3 and AppLoader starts the viewer hook now. Will I neeed to press another key for the comparator? Or will I need to press F3 and answer an intermediate choice dialog?
BTW, currently I use F4Menu as my AppLoaded viewer.
Ha :) I've just found Ctrl+F3 (again) in the overwrite dialog. Use it to call compare tool. Any hooks and AppLoader aren't needed now.
Help wrote:- F3 to view the upper (target) file
- Shift+F3 to view the lower (source) file
- Alt+F3/Alt+Shift+F3 to view the file without plugins
- Ctrl+F3 to compare the two files by content
- Ctrl+Shift+F3 to use the internal compare tool if an external tool was defined via wincmd.ini

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Horst.Epp wrote:
nsp wrote:
Horst.Epp wrote: Yes, for example my Wincmd.ini entry: ... Beyond Compare ...
we just miss a kind of "TC Compare Redirector" to have comparetools defined by File Type ;)
Beyound Compare already does this....
@Horst.Epp well, yes and no. BC is a great program, it excels at comparing filles and folders, but it isn't suited at quickly and unobstrusively redirecting to other programs (well, maybe it is if I knew about it).

@nsp, F4Menu could be used for that, now that I think of it. I could duplicate the F4Menu folder as F4Menu-compare, set the Wincmd.ini compare tool entry to that folder and then configure F4Menu-compare appropriately. I think I would set it "silent" to start an image comparator for image file extensions, and default to TC's own builtin comparator for all other extensions. I like TC's comparator for text files!

How can I start TC's own comparator from F4Menu?

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