[WFX] Android ADB 7.3

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *bbv62 »

jakubklos wrote:
2018-08-31, 12:40 UTC
x32 will work as I tested it. I don't use Windows anymore only Linux. I don't use even TC64
Could you check x32?
I tried to install the plugin in a dozen Linux distributions, but failed everywhere. It makes no sense to describe the error in detail. But the description of the installation (with the substitution of the file) doesn't work for me. Clearly I'm doing something wrong, or something I'm not doing. I would like to ask You to write a detailed instruction on how to install the plugin in Double Commander.


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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *j2969719 »

It seems that adb_rename.wfx (adbplugin-linux-x64.zip) has not been updated since v8.5.

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB

Post by *Wojtek »


I just can't get this plugin up and running.
It asks me for an IP:PORT and I don't know what to enter.
My mobile (Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9, non-rooted) is connected via USB and I want to access the files (internal and memory card).

The plugin description says:
  • Enabled "Android debugging" on your device - Done!
  • Device connected to USB with proper drivers (an ADB device must be listed in Windows Devices) - how? I have installed the "Universal ADB Drivers" from adb.clockworkmod.com. Didn't work. Installed "Android USB Driver for Windows (Dec 23, 2019)" from developer.samsung.com
  • WiFi ADB (a rooted device with the "WiFi ADB" app downloaded from Google Play)
Is a rooted device really necessary? I have not and do not want to root my phone for this plugin only.

By the way, my phone is not listed under "other devices" in Device Manager, but under "Portable Devices" as "Galaxy S8" (MTP USB device) - it seems that Windows has connected my phone in MTP-mode instead of USB-mode.

Well, I'm a little frustrated...

Any help about what I can do now to make this plugin work appreciated.

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *MVV »

Rooting is not necessary but should provide more power.
As for me, plugin only sees my phone when it is connected and available in MTP mode (I need to connect my Samsung Galaxy A320F to PC and allow connection in phone confirmation dialog). Then I can see and open it from plugin folder. No manual connections or manual ADB magic required.

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *DarkKnight »

I use ADB 8.7 and the Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41

Everything works fine as long as there is no space in the path of the files.

So if a directory is called "WhatsApp Database" I only see " Database" and nothing works ... any suggestions on how to fix that? Thanks!

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *Tichij »

Try recommendations from this:
#49857 Personal licence
Windows 10 Pro 64bit. TC 9.50 32 + 64bit

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *tasoftworks »

Hi All,
First of all, thank you for this amazing plugin! It's been a great help for me for many years now.

I'd like to report a bug I've found with an Android Oreo (8.1) device.
Repro steps:
1. Create a file on your PC called "test file.txt"
2. Copy it to somewhere in the sdcard folder on the device

3. The file appears on the device with the name "test file.txt"
4. The file can be copied back to the PC

3. The file appears on the device with the name " file.txt"
4. The file cannot be copied back to the PC, it fails with "Error downloading file"

The file seems to be in a proper state on the device after copying, it's just that it's not accessible properly via the plugin.
This can be reproduced with a 8.1 emulator as well.

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