Some Information about ''decFLTViewer''

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Some Information about ''decFLTViewer''

Post by *DrShark »

decFLTViewer wlx plugin by Dec uses Microsoft Office filters to show pictures in Lister.

Plugin page with English description on
Description of plugin's decFLTViewer.ini settings (in Russian)
Downloads: / | Dec's | Dec's
(it's the last v. of a plugin, even though page describes it as v. 1.1.
Currently there is no support for own plugins by Dec, so there are no plans for future updates.)

Actually in this topic I recommend, if possible, not to use this plugin because of its memory leak bug:
decFLTViewer doesn't release used RAM after closing Lister/QuickView or switching from TC's Thumbnails mode.
The issue has been confirmed in email by Christian Ghisler with QuickView (Ctrl+Q) case and JPEG files as samples:
Christian Ghisler wrote:the memory leak appears in Task Manager when ListLoadNext is called (I tried with Ctrl+Q and then went from file to file). I used jpg photos to [reproduce] a big effect. My guess is that the plugin loads the photos to display them, but doesn't delete the previous ones.
Unloading the plugin dll with cm_UnloadPlugins also doesn't help to clear the memory because of another issue in a plugin:
Christian Ghisler wrote:Normally unloading a dll doesn't unload data allocated in that dll - this only happens when the process is closed. It would only help if the plugin had some kind of garbage collection.
The only solution is to close/restart Total Commander.

So my suggestion is to use other LS plugins for picture formats supported by this plugin, and even if decFLTViewer required to show some particular files or formats, at least to set a lowest priority for it in a Lister plugins list.
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Re: Some Information about ''decFLTViewer''

Post by *Horst.Epp »

For what reason should one use this plugin at all ?
There are enough good picture viewer lister plugins and tools
which are available in 32/64 bit versions and actively supported.
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