Different foreground/background copying behavior via ADB

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Different foreground/background copying behavior via ADB

Post by *demovirus »

Hello. I have some problem with copying via ADB. Problem is that files copied normally from disk to phone, but TC returns error window. These files opens successfully on phone, they are not corrupted. I don't know what this problem is concerned - TC or ADB driver but I definitely found an incorrect behavior of TC copying window. It works differently in foreground and background modes.
In foreground window after such error window we have updated "copied files counter" and total progress continues from the current position.
In background window after this error we see that "copied files counter" not updated and total progress resets to 0%.
Even if it is mainly the ADB driver bug, please lead these windows to one view.
You can see video here:

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Re: Different foreground/background copying behavior via ADB

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

\\\ADB is a plugin (can be recognized by the 3 backslashes). Apparently the plugin writer hasn't correctly implemented background copying. I guess that there is a problem when TC tries to refresh the directory list while the background operation is still active. Please contact the plugin author for a fix. He will probably need to use some "critical sections" to avoid simultaneous writing to the ADB conenction by foreground and background thread.

I'm moving this thread to the plugin forum.
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