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Discuss and announce Total Commander plugins, addons and other useful tools here, both their usage and their development.

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Total Commander Knowledge Base (Wiki)

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A Total Commander Knowledge Base in the form of a Wiki has been put online. It is meant to offer the knowledge that has accumulated in these support forum over the time in a structured and concise form. Even though the Wiki is relatively new, it is a good idea to check it out before starting a new thread.
The TC Wiki is based on the same software that Wikipedia is using. It allows every registered user of the forum to edit or add new articles.
We invite you not only to browse the Wiki but also to improve existing or add completely new articles.
The Wiki is currently available in two languages:
English Wiki
German Wiki

And last - a short note: The topic Useful 3rd party tools to complement TC in the Plugin Forum has become far too long and thus not very useful as a resource. Therefore we recommend adding links to useful tools to the Wiki page called Tools.