EmptyWDX 0.0.2

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fenix_productions wrote:2nsp
You have my full agreement to make any changes you'd like to (and get some dollars from Christian for doing it) :)

I will just ask to re-upload it to totalcmd.net after all work.

As real life held me I have no longer the time to work on my old plugins, unfortunately.
I did some test during last months and all seems to be OK unless speed if many filters have to be checked. I also added a multi folder search Breadth-First-search with folder limit..

If some have any interest you can get it at http://tccfestuff.free.fr/EmptyWDX-0.0.3c.7z

The file includes 32bit/64bit wdx and C++ sources.

One new field was added to enable "recursive search" x_Max but be aware that performance is not good specially on slow/network drives .
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