Redefine hotkeys to run an external application

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Redefine hotkeys to run an external application

Post by *GabrieleJax »

Hi everyone,

as they subject of this thread says, I'd like to redefine the key F5 in order to run an external application when pressed.
I know the path of this external application .exe and the parameters to execute it with.
Is it possible to do what I'd like to do? If it is, how do I do it?

Thanks in advance.

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Create your own user commands, Add shortcut key to them

Post by *Stefan2 »

I don't know if we can redefine the "F5" shortcut,

but basically you would do something like described there:

TCs' user commands (em_xxxxx):

Scroll down to

-- As alternative to the TC internal “cm_something” commands, you can create your own user commands “em_something”

and then to

-- Add shortcut key to em_ or cm_ commands


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Post by *MVV »

TC allows redefining F5 key w/o problems. However it is highly recommended not to override standard shortcut keys like F5, F6 or F8 (most standard keys listed in Keyboard.txt file), there are a lot of other ones.

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