sudden lag in add list (F2) while copying a long file

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Michael REMY
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sudden lag in add list (F2) while copying a long file

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this bug appends on tc 8.52a, win7 x64 since a long time...

i will try to explain it, it is not easy.

in one word : lag (or lost/offline focus on tc)

i often move large files (more than 1.5GB) by using the file list command (F2, sorry for my translation)

first i select the first file (in left side), i choose my destination (in right side) , then i hit the MOVE command in the bottom bar (code 1075 in your translation file) to start the first file transfert. In the window dialog i chose the FILE LIST option (because i will do them in queue ) which is the button F2
Then the transfer begins...
During the long transfer, i select a second big file and re-do the same operation
after it, as the first transfert is not finishes yet i lost the focus on TC, it is like frozen (i can"t selct anything or browse or change view or go in menu), i need to wait the end of the first file transfert to see the queue list beeing updated and process next.
i redo the same for a third file, and it is froze again...

of course, i can select the three file in the same time, but they are not in the same directory, so i have to run the process in queue mode list (F2)

why is there that lag/freeze effect once i choose the F2 button ?

it looks like a bug from the gauge (which keeps the process during the copy and free the hand to perform the queue refresh task and give me back the focus in TC after the file transfert is finished).

am i clear ?
i'm an old long user of TC since the windows 3.11 release !, for the history, i came to tc when i migrate from amiga commodore to PC where they are diskmanager and directory opus there.
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

This can be caused by the Windows write cache: Sometimes (I don't know when), the write cache will accept a lot of data and write it all when the file is closed. When this happens, the background dialog may hang until the data is fully written.
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