Req: Open app properties via its bookmarked path in Installed apps

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Req: Open app properties via its bookmarked path in Installed apps

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Currently it's possible to bookmark or add as a button command a path to real file (in format /storage/documents/file.txt/). Such path, if in a bookmark, will open an app picker for such file type (=default TC action when to tap on such a file,) and if in Command field of Change directory button, will open a file in an app which is the last in above mentioned app picker.

However, if to add a path of installed app as its path+name in built-in Installed apps plugin (in format ///Apps/App Name/) to Bookmarks or as a Command for Change directory function type button, Total Commander opens the same list of apps as in ///Apps, but in such list there are no icons for apps and their context menu items (like Download+Edit or Properties) don't work.

So it would be consistent if for path ///Apps/App Name/ used in bookmark or as a command for Change directory button, TC4A would also open the properties page of App Name (as it happens on App Name tap in ///Apps/). This way to access certain apps properties will be easier than finding Activity call for this and writing it in format used in Total Commander button.

If this is not possible, at least it would be nice to have correct behavior of apps list, opened after going to ///Apps/App Name/ (items there should be with icons, their action on tap and context menu items working,) and, if possible, the item for App Name selected.
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