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default download location

Post by *mwhelm »

New to Total commander - using it on some Android 9 tablets with very limited internal memory, but ample SD.
It appears that TC does default downloading to internal memory somewhere. This is going to cause trouble eventually.
We're using TC to access large files on remote storage & then move them when useful to SD (and sometimes the other way round).
Is there some way to set a default download location (like, use SD when available) or is there a way to expire downloads &c?
Thanks for your attention, ==mwh
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Re: default download location

Post by *Hacker »

Hello mwhelm,
It appears that TC does default downloading to internal memory somewhere.
What do you mean by "default downloading"? TC always copies / moves / performs other file operations from the source panel (active and shown) to the target file panel (inactive and partly shown on tablet screens in landscape mode), just like all the other two-panel file managers do.

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Re: default download location

Post by *DrShark »

I'm not sure what downloading mwhelm means, but Total Commander for Android has at least 2 Temp folders:
the one in internal storage (memory):
one in TC's "data" dir:

The one in internal memory is used e.g. for files temporarily saved by TC Editor.
The one under /data/ is used at least for desktop links creation/work, as mentioned in the file link.ghislerlink in temp's /linktarget/ subfolder.

Without root rights on the device, I think it's technically possible to "move" only the /temp/ folder under which is under /data/.../ by converting it to a symlink: moving its content to another folder in some other path, deleting original /temp/ and creating a softlink with the same name which will point to a new path. I haven't tried it, so cannot tell whether doing this will break something in TC's work.
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