Your name on the title bar!

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What's your thought over having your name displayed on TC's title bar?

- I like it and I don't want to see any change whatsoever!
- I don't like it at all; get rid of it!
- The best approach is to make it optional/configurable.
- I'm not a fan but I respect and understand the licensing implications.
- I don't really care to be honest!
- Other (please make a post)
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Re: Your name on the title bar!

Post by *Galizza »

Should be optional to the user
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Re: Your name on the title bar!

Post by *RobertR »


What is the status of this feature request?
It is pretty clear the vast majority of people (me included) want this to be a configurable thing.

I for one cannot easily send screenshots, because I have to first modify them in Paint.
Of course, I'm not running out of breath from the extra effort, but it is a pointless and annoying limitation.

I do not understand what licensing has to do with it.
I have licenses for other software and they don't plaster my name in the title bar.

If you think having someone else's name in the title bar is a deterrent, let me inform you I have worked in a company where assholes didn't license their Total Commander and were also too lazy to manually click the random button on launch, so they installed software that clicked it automatically for them.
If the name in the title bar was an issue, surely people will install something to remove the name from the title bar.
But I don't want that extra headache of installing extra software to hack Total Commander into submission.
This is akin to how paranoid anti-piracy protection systems for games only hurt honest paying customers, because pirates will always use cracked versions of the game, where the paranoid protection system is disabled anyway.

I just want a checkbox somewhere in settings to let me remove my own name from the title bar of my licensed software.
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