[REQ] Content plugin for full-text-search in PDF, DOC

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[REQ] Content plugin for full-text-search in PDF, DOC

Post by *nevidimka » 2005-02-22, 13:09 UTC

Hi folks,

I'm looking for content plugins for full-text-search in Acrobat PDF and Windword-DOC files. Is there any?

I know the possibility of plain-text search in DOC-files and full-text-search-ability of (PDF)filter full-text but this don't fit my needs in all circumstances.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2005-02-24, 19:27 UTC

In principle, the ft_fulltext type could be used for searching in PDF files, but to my knowledge no one has written such a plugin yet. PDF files are very complex, 2 characters appearing after each other may be far way in the file...
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Post by *icfu » 2005-02-24, 21:54 UTC

I have since a long time switched to Foxit PDF Reader, instead of Adobe Reader, which is capable of Full Text search and copy&paste meanwhile, all hidden in an incredible 1MB package:

I doubt that any plugin developer will be able to compete its abilities honestly.

For DOC full search I am using Suchen & Ersetzen which is capable of doing regex as well.

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