Total Commander 7.0 public beta 1 released!

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Total Commander 7.0 public beta 1 released!

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Finally Total Commander 7 public beta is available!

You can download it here: Please report bugs here in the beta bugs forum, ONE BUG PER MESSAGE!
There is also a general discussions forum.

There are so many additions that I cannot list them all here.

The most important are (from the help):
  • Updated user interface: flat buttons also on XP, new file list icons, drive icons, and bar icons (by external designer)
  • Separate background color can be set for odd and even lines
  • Compare by content now allows to edit files, and to re-synchronize manually
  • Separate tree panel: Either one for both file panels, or one for each
  • Lister now supports a text cursor, allows to center images, and resize only larger
  • Change attributes allows to use/change content plugin values
  • File operation logging
  • Show drive letter in folder tabs
  • File system plugins can now support custom columns and thumbnails
  • Multi-rename-tool: Allow to edit target names directly
  • More options in copy overwrite dialog: Compare by content, Rename target, automatic rename, copy all smaller or all larger
  • Exclude directories in "Show"-"Custom...", e.g. with *.* | .cvs\
  • Increased maximum command line length to 8191 (XP) and 2047 characters (Windows 2000), respectively
  • Sort by additional columns, e.g. by size, then by date/time: Ctrl+click on additional columns
  • Auto-complete path in command line, current directory, copy dialog etc.
  • Use Shift+Del to remove unwanted entries from various comboboxes: Command line, search function, multi-rename-tool etc.
  • Secure FTP over SSL/TLS, enter the URL as follows: ftps:// . Needs openssl dlls stored in Totalcmd directory (not included for legal reasons).
  • Custom user-defined commands for main menu and hotkeys
  • Alias commands for the command line for internal commands or external programs
  • Overwrite dialog allows to show preview images and custom fields
  • When a copy/move/delete/create directory operation fails due to insufficient rights, ask user whether he wants to copy as administrator. Also allow a user to give himself permanent read rights to a directory if he knows the administrator password.
  • Create ZIP archives > 2GB
  • and many more...
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