Total Commander 7.0 public beta 2 released!

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Total Commander 7.0 public beta 2 released!

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2006-11-23, 11:39 UTC

Total Commander 7 public beta 2 is available!

You can download it here:
  • Techspot
  • Betanews
  • Fileburst (your firewall needs to let pass the referer header)
  • Mirrors will be added when they get the file
Please report bugs here in the beta bugs forum, ONE BUG PER MESSAGE!
There is also a general discussions forum.

This time there are mostly bug fixes, but also some additions.

The most important are:
  • Show icons in menus. For now, this is disabled by default and must be enabled via IconsInMenus= in wincmd.ini.
    Try values 1, 2, 17 and 18.
  • Lister: Show current file number and total file count in menu bar
  • Search on ftp servers
  • Instead of granting the user full read access to a folder via admin functions, just call FindFirstFile etc. inside of tcmadmin. This limits a lot what can be done in such directories, but is more secure.
  • There are also many fixes for bug reports here in the forum.
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