Total Commander CE/Pocket version 2.52 beta 2 available

Support for PocketPC and WinCE version

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Total Commander CE/Pocket version 2.52 beta 2 available

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The first beta of Total Commander Pocket 2.52 is available now!

This is mainly a compatibility update for Windows Mobile 6.5, but many of the new functions like the selection toolbar or moving buttons to other places are also useful on other versions.

You can find a list of changes in historyce.txt


Please close Total Commander Pocket via the MENU before installing the new version. Do not cose it via the [X] button, this will just hide it!

You can get the beta here:
  1. For PocketPC/PocketPC phone. These are usually devices with 320x240 or 640x480 resolution, a touchscreen, the start menu at the top, and the program menu at the bottom.
  2. For Windows CE handhelds/older Windows CE devices. These usually have the start menu at the bottom, and the program menu at the TOP. Supports ARM, MIPS, SH3, SH4.
  3. For Windows Smartphone 2002/2003/05/06.
    These do NOT have a touchscreen, but a normal numeric phone keyboard.
The CAB files can be downloaded separately.

Note that the phone version is NOT signed, so you will need an unlocked phone to use it.

The cecmdssl dll for secure ftp downloads can be found here (unchanged since beta 1):
Please download the version for your device, and unzip to the Total Commander/CE directory. Supported are: Thanks for testing!

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander