Autoselect file if in both panels

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Autoselect file if in both panels

Post by *Hacker »

This is a suggestion from the Czech / Slovak forum that I was asked to translate and post here: Označení stejného souboru v obou oknech TC.

Could a file be autoselected if it is selected in one panel, and the same directory is in the other panel? This would illustrate more clearly that any action you take on the file in one panel will also happen in the opposing panel.

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Post by *Sombra »

Meanwhile... perhaps these extended commands can help to the user in Czech/Slovak forum. (select files+dirs or only files on hold the Shift key)

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menu=Select in target panel, items marked in source panel

menu=Unselect in target panel, items marked in source panel

menu=Select in current panel, items marked in target panel

menu=menu=Unselect in current panel, iteme marked in target panel
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Post by *ts4242 »

Details about SelectFiles command
Dialog box: Configuration - Change button bar wrote:14. SELECTFILES file types marks files of the given type, e.g. SELECTFILES *.txt *.doc

Supported modifiers: D=only folders, B=both, U=unselect, L=left side, R=right side, T=target panel, S=Reverts whether just files or files+folders are selected when Shift is pressed during execution

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