APK-Info for Windows with source

Support for Android version of Total Commander

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Post by *jazzruby » 2013-07-24, 20:12 UTC

I've updated APK-Info to include the latest:
API level 18
Android 4.3
Jelly Bean MR2

md5: 8b6744e3291913183cc744009aebfa85


MediaFire shows 3090 downloads for APK-Info_v0.2.zip (as of this post)

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Post by *damjang » 2013-07-24, 22:41 UTC

HI and thank you for support! I have a request: now the rename function rename the apk in name+"_"+rev, but I want to have name+" v"+rev (eg. APK-Info v0.3). Is this possible to make configurable the rename function?

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Re: APK-Info for Windows with source

Post by *Enyby » 2018-08-31, 13:00 UTC

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