[solved] Is using IrfanView as Plugin supposed to work?

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Re: [solved] Is using IrfanView as Plugin supposed to work?

Post by *BlueSky20008 »

DrShark wrote:
2019-05-30, 12:26 UTC
BlueSky20008 wrote:
2019-05-28, 03:30 UTC
IViewAdditionalTypes=*.jpg *.png *heic *.bmp
I always run totalcmd x64 with normal mode but it always use Imagine plugin to view with F3 and Ctrl+Q instead of IrfanView/iview in setting
Try to add in [Lister] section also:

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NoPluginFileTypes=*.jpg *.png *.heic *.bmp
This way TC should use internal viewer at first, and use plugin only after pressing "4" key.
Thanks @DkShark. It works perfect with my expectation on 64-bit.
Of course we cannot view *.heic file in lister. Only view from external app
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