Total Commander 9.10 release candidate 3 available

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Total Commander 9.10 release candidate 3 available

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2017-10-18, 13:34 UTC

Total Commander 9.0 release candidate 3 is available now!

You can download it from

Why another release candidate? Only today ( 10/18 ) I could test the new Windows 10 Fall Cretors Update. I have fixed a few problems with the window scaling, e.g. if you change the scaling of the main screen in Windows 10 (eg 100% -> 150%). Please test!

Please report bugs here in the TC 9.10 beta bug report forum, ONE BUG PER MESSAGE!

Here is a list of the most important additions:

User interface:
  • Support for multiple screens with different densities (DPI) per screen on Windows 10 (requires latest release version, "Creators Update", or newer).
  • Support for Windows 10 fall Creators Update, mainly OneDrive online only file support
  • Set font quality (e.g. force antialiasing on/off)
  • Support new pseudo environment variables from values described here - just leave out the FOLDERID_ prefix, e.g. %$AccountPictures%
File operations:
  • "New folder" (F7) can now use the same placeholders as the multi-rename tool (e.g. date+time), and create multiple directories in one step using a counter
  • "New text file" (Shift+F4) now supports the same placeholders as the multi-rename tool
  • "New text file" (Shift+F4) now also works in archives, on FTP servers, and with file system plugins
  • Option to use latest "Everything" tool in Alt+Shift+Enter/Spacebar free space calculations
  • Internal 7zip unpacker: Support background unpacking
  • Support touch screen scrolling+text selection
  • Support Unicode names when loading images via Irfanview (needs new Unicode version of Irfanview)
Compare by content:
  • Set width in binary mode to 8, 16, 24 or 32 bytes
Multi-rename tool:
  • New placeholders for inserting current date+time
A list of all corrections, also for previous versions, can be found in the history file.

As usual, the update is free for all registered users.

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander