Recycling bins are being Synchronized

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Recycling bins are being Synchronized

Post by *JimmyTheBroker » 2018-05-23, 13:41 UTC

Hi guys,

I have a hard drive on my computer and a external Hard drive that I Synchronize all the time, both with and without Asymmetric.

I find after I run one Synchonize, it suggests to do another where a bunch of files are now in the recycling bins.
The recycling bins seem to be hidden files (grayed/transparent folders)

I do want hidden files Synchonized (eg Total Commander's wincmd.ini file, etc)

I don't think this has caused any problems so far, except it is annoyance. And I'm a bit worried it'll cause an error at some point.

Do all hard drives have a hidden bin folder (if so, how do I show it?) or is this abnormal behaviour for my D Drive and my external hard drive?

Jimmy 8)
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Post by *vdijken » 2018-05-24, 09:19 UTC

You can select in the main directory all the maps and files you want to synchronize and leave [$Recycle.Bin] out. In the synchronize panel a tick is placed that you only want to synchronize the directories you selected.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2018-05-24, 10:01 UTC

You can exclude $Recycle.Bin via the box between the two paths which usually shows *.*. Please put the following inside:
*.* | $Recycle.Bin\

Don't forget the backslash at the end!
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