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shift+enter does not work on bat files

Posted: 2018-07-02, 11:01 UTC
by cubic
I have a 'msbuild' script in a file called 'domake.bat'.
If I press Enter while the cursor is on that file, the file is executed correctly and the msbuild process is successful.
However, if I press 'Shift+Enter', msbuild fails - some files THAT ARE THERE are not found. So, somehow the msbuild does not receive something (maybe current path?) correctly from Total Commander!

The (domake.bat) file content is:

@echo off

REM set environment variables
call \entwicklung\set_build_paths.bat

REM change current dir to project group dir
PUSHD %~p0\prjtest

REM compile with cleaning up using passed arguments
%MSBUILD% %* /t:Clean;Build CwmGroup.groupproj

REM restore current dir

Posted: 2018-07-02, 13:59 UTC
by Dalai
It should be easy to find out why this happens. Add some debugging output to your script and/or remove the @echo off (or comment it out) to see what's wrong. And make sure that the parameters you pass to your script are correctly quoted.


Re: shift+enter does not work on bat files

Posted: 2021-04-13, 04:57 UTC
by bonita68
thanks for the help @Dalai (although it's kinda late now) bubble shooter