Switch between packer plugins inside a file

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Re: Switch between packer plugins inside a file

Post by *Stefan2 » 2018-09-15, 13:38 UTC

2Gral, Ahh THAT you mean!

So I have now:

Switch between packer plugins inside a file
>> Switch between packer plugins to open a archive file in file list like a folder (as like ZIPs)

"Internal associations (TC only)"
Fileytyp: *.chm
Open: *
[New...] Action: Plugin-CHM + Cmd: **chm
[New...] Action: System default open + Cmd: *

and now with double click or Enter I get that "small menu with packer plugins displaying ".

But with "CTRL+Page Down" still the plugin is executed.
And the sort order in that dialog I mentioned above is not by drag&drop but by using that little arrows at the bottom.
But sort order makes only difference on the order in the menu -not for choosing default verb- for me. Even after TC restart.

- - -
I guess this "CTRL+Page Down" is just a different command for opening archives,
and is not depending on our own file type settings... *goingsearching*

Found so far:
Keyboard layout: CTRL+PgDn Open directory/archive (also self extracting .EXE archives)
CTRL+PgDn = cm_GoToDir=2003;Open dir or zip under cursor
Juergen wrote:
2003-08-13, 17:03 UTC
Also, the current version of my plugin does not support [Ctrl]+[PageDown], but I'll add this in the next version.
History.txt wrote: 12.12.04 Added: Don't show plugin install dialog when entering plugin archive with Ctrl+PageDown instead of Enter
Archive format needs to be supported by Mr. Ghisler:
ghisler(Author) wrote:
2013-09-15, 12:13 UTC
Sun Sep 15, 2013 14:13
cmingyan wrote:
2013-09-14, 02:28 UTC
I create a file as with RAR 5 SFX module (.exe).
And TC 8.5 don't know it's a RAR 5 archive file. (with Ctrl - PGDN function in TC)
Sorry, RAR5 SFX files aren't supported yet because I haven't yet analyzed their format.
Please, can someone try this now with beta 5?

- - -

Thanks so far, still have to test a lot.

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Re: Switch between packer plugins inside a file

Post by *ggggnnnn » 2018-09-15, 14:36 UTC

Stefan2 wrote:
2018-09-15, 13:02 UTC
Still don't know what that means: "on an html file to see its contents"... for that I would use F3, no?  
If you install the two plugins I mentioned on the first post you will see what I mean.
WordArc when used with an html file gives you options to convert the files to other formats.

UrlData gives you embedded files (mostly images) on some html files, not all.

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