FTP and quickview panel support

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FTP and quickview panel support

Post by *SkipR » 2019-01-14, 16:24 UTC

When you open an FTP location in a panel and choose "Quickview panel" (Ctl+Q) on a file item eg test.jpg displays only "?" because it does not make a %TEMP%\_tc\test.jpg copy and run quickview on the local copy. Using View (F3) DOES copy test.jpg and run lister.exe on %TEMP%\_tc copy.

(With local zip files both "Quickview panel" and "View" work the same way be making a %TEMP%\_tc copy.)

It would make more sense if FTP + Quickview worked like that too. It would be quit helpful to me if FTP and quickview panel were supported.
Perth, AU

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Re: FTP and quickview panel support

Post by *petermad » 2019-01-15, 21:47 UTC

Support ++ but should maybe be configurable
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Re: FTP and quickview panel support

Post by *Usher » 2019-01-16, 03:04 UTC

Let's imagine how it will work by default.

Suppose you have got pretty decent hardware and soft: 2 TB HDD, 120 GB SSD with fully updated Windows 10, Gigabit Ethernet, LAN with ftp server on NAS 20 TB…

You are browsing your ftp directory on NAS and by accident stopping your navigation on 50 GB Blu-ray disk image. TC and FTP use default settings, QuickView tries to display all files and opens FTP connection to download the image. How long will TC be blocked by downloading in the foreground? How large free space do you have on your system SSD where %TEMP% is located?

Now think a little more:
What do you want to do with files downloaded to some %TEMP% subfolder?
Imagine you are navigating here or there - do you want to delete the files immediately and download them again?
If you want to keep them for some time, how soon will you fill your SSD free space with thousands of pictures?

If it's NAS in LAN, why won't' you use SMB and map a network drive to drive letter?

Finally, where in the Internet will you find FTP open with gigabit bandwith per user? Otherwise it will be SlowView or even SnailView…
Regards from Poland
Andrzej P. Wozniak

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