LAN plugin, can't open property dialog.

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LAN plugin, can't open property dialog.

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LAN plugin is not working on my Xiaomi Mi Max2 phone running Android 7.1:
I can add a new server, entering it's name, but the dialog to set the username, password etc
never shows up. And if i click "Property" to bring up this dialog nothing happens.
If i click the server anyway(anonymous and default parameters of course since i can't configure anything)
then it complains obviously about SMB2 and connection refused...(I use old version compat, not SMB2 on my local net).

So, I can install TC and the LAN plugin normaly(no errors what so ever), authorisations are fine,
no power saving enabled or anything i could find in the settings on the Android side, that could prevent it to run normaly.
I tried installing from the Playstore and from an older APK i had, same problem,

I have TC and that plugin running on 3 others different Android devices, one is Doogee S60 that is Android 7.0
With no issue, a Chinese tablet Beesito with Android 9.X, no pblm either.

Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot.

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Re: LAN plugin, can't open property dialog.

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

This is caused by Xiaomi power saving functions. You will need to use the pre-release version of Total Commander 3.0:
Author of Total Commander

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