Can't Delete Files (Sometimes) on Android 4.4

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Can't Delete Files (Sometimes) on Android 4.4

Post by *swallis7 »

I have an "Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon LTE 2 A846L Smart Phone" (Android 4.4).
TC 2.91 seems to work great except for this problem....

I have files on my phones 5gb of storage and on a 32gb SD Card.
Sometimes when i try to delete file(s) TC says:

Could not delete 1 file(s)/folder(s)!
my music file name.mp3

This only happens 50% or 60% of the time!
I think it also happens when trying to delete file(s) from my SD card but i'm not positive.
This NEVER happens when I use the phone's File Manager to delete files.

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Re: Can't Delete Files (Sometimes) on Android 4.4

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Android 4.4 doesn't allow third party apps to write to the secondary SD card. TC uses some hacks to do it anyway, but they don't always work (e.g. spaces in names can cause problems).
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