OTG Flash Drive is not available in Android 10

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OTG Flash Drive is not available in Android 10

Post by *awesome14 »

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Android 10

It used to be that I plugged in an OTG USB C drive, and the drive appeared in TC as a drive. With the Android 10 update, the drive isn't recognized at all. I think this is because of "scoped storage" in Android 10. I don't know how to fix this. There is a "default USB configuration" in developer options, but it doesn't solve the problem no matter what option I set.

How can get the OTG USB flash drive to appear as a drive in TC?
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Re: OTG Flash Drive is not available in Android 10

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

OTG USB flash drives do work with Android 10 (Galaxy S10e), so you must be having a different problem.

1. Maybe it's formatted with NTFS? You will need a plugin like Paragon to access that.

2. Maybe you have hidden it by accident? Try long clicking on the first entry in the home screen and choose "Show all hidden"

3. Finally you can try to access it by adding a custom location via home folder.
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